Additional shapes

Inspired by SVG Basic Shapes I recommend to allow the following shapes in addition to xywh:


Like for xywh also pixel and percent prefixes are allowed:


IMHO there is no necessity for 'open shapes' so I skipped line and polyline. I would
favor this extensions to a single shape (as proposed by Olivier A.) extension because
it is simpler and such will most probably cause less confusion. The existing shape xywh=x,y,w,h
can be substituted to rect=x,y,w,h.


Like the basic shapes I got inspired by SVG here. To keep it simple we allow only the
following transformation:


Transformation are only evaluated if one and just one shape exists. For transformation pixel and percent prefixes are supported, too.

Animate Transformation

Some kind of a mixture from Toms S. idea and SVG. To keep urls shorter we just use the prefix a + the transformation name:


Click to start animation!

d is defined as duration as may be defined in percent (for videos) or milliseconds (for images). That allows
to define animations also for images. The percentage refers to a time fragment of a video or (if absent) the whole video.


Animation is aligned to the video and occurs from second 0.5 to 4!